"To seek those who are lost and teach them to walk by faith"

Come join us as we celebrate the goodness of Christ together!

Prayer Focus For October 2018

Prayer Focus for October 2018: “Pray for our Church” This month as we celebrate Friendship’s 73rd Anniversary, let us pray fervently for our church that we will be the type of church that God is calling for at this present time.  Let us continue to reach out to people in the community/city and let us […]

The Friendship Alternative to Facebook!


Friendship Baptist Church has initiated our very own alternative to Facebook. We now have “Christbook” as our new social networking platform. Christbook was incorporated into our website to give members the ability to socialize on the internet in a Christian environment. When we use Christbook we can friend people, message them, create groups, private message, post community messages, etc. Let’s face it, […]


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