"To seek those who are lost and teach them to walk by faith"

Come join us as we celebrate the goodness of Christ together!

As We Say Goodbye

On August 20th, we lost one of our own.  Deacon John Henderson passed away.  Deacon Henderson was a kind man, with a smile always on his face.  Never one to complain about what he was going through or how he felt.  When someone would ask how he was doing he would say “okay” and then […]

Prayer Focus For June 2018

Prayer Focus for June 2018: “Prayer for Fathers” Let us pray that all fathers will be what God has charged them to be.  Let us also pray for new fathers, single fathers, absent fathers, incarcerated fathers, those who have strained relationships with their children and for those fathers who are separated from their families due […]

The Friendship Alternative to Facebook!


Friendship Baptist Church has initiated our very own alternative to Facebook. We now have “Christbook” as our new social networking platform. Christbook was incorporated into our website to give members the ability to socialize on the internet in a Christian environment. When we use Christbook we can friend people, message them, create groups, private message, post community messages, etc. Let’s face it, […]


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